Sh*t Plus Models are Tired of Hearing

I was in the car with my boyfriend Shane leaving a local baseball field that my company PostGrad Creative was hired to photograph, when I received a phone call from my agent Marissa. She said "hey girl, so, you'll be working for Teen Vogue tomorrow"... "you'll be talking about the shit plus models are tired of hearing with Barbie, Jordyn, Hunter, and Riley". After hanging up with her and successfully shitting my pants, I started to focus on what exactly I would say! Almost instantly, I was overwhelmed with the numerous things I could discuss, and the "shit" I could talk about. The two I decided to go with were "WOW, YOU GET PAID TO EAT." and "You're a model? I guess I can kind of see it. (Raises hands to cover my body) You have a pretty face." 

I was nervous about the video. One time at a school mass I was asked to read a passage of the gospel and I accidentally burped on the microphone (no wonder I was bullied a bit). Though when I arrived at the Teen Vogue wing of the Freedom Tower, my nerves seemed to calm down. The general vibe of the whole studio was that of a bunch of friends hangin' out and listening to music. Soon after my hair was pulled back into a bun and a very small amount of makeup was applied to my skin, we were asked to sit on the couch in our white fluffy robes and comfy slippers. A microphone hovered above us and the lights were shining bright. I thought the video would be more structured, interviewing one person at a time about how they felt. However, I was pleased to find out that wasn't the case at all. The relaxed vibe of the studio carried over into our dynamic. We flowed from conversation to conversation, all agreeing to, laughing with, and sympathizing with each other's stories.

When I first started working as a model, my mentality was that "this is a cruel business" and you know, "what do you expect from 'the industry'", but along with the more clients I worked with, the more understanding I gained of what to expect and more importantly, what I can/ should tolerate. I've heard a lot of shitty things from people, but the shittiest I've found are those comments that come from people that I know personally. That's why I decided to include those two statements in this conversation. They're statements that stick out in my head because I was bothered by them. So if you've ever said something like that to me, SORRY FOR PUTTING YOU ON BLAST! You'd be happy to know that I've come to the conclusion that people like you say these shitty things, not out of hatred, but out of pure ignorance. You might see this "body positive movement" as just another hashtag on social media and not something that thrives in beings like these women and myself. 

That being said, social media plays a major role in this career of ours. Magazines and blogs associate numbers of followers with importance. So when this video is discussed it will probably to continue to appear like this: 

Or this: 

At least I'm included in the "and more" in that one! LOL. I don't think that many people are as interested in what lil old me had to say. But at least it didn't say "Four Plus Models and One Other Girl with a Pretty Face Talk About Shit Plus Models Are Tired of Hearing" LMAO. NO BUT IT'S FINE I'M NOT BOTHERED...

Seriously though, I'd like to thank Teen Vogue for giving me this opportunity, as well as Riley Ticotin, Hunter McGrady, Jordyn Woods, and Barbie Ferreira for including me in this conversation! We are all consciously a part of a movement and I'm honored to know all of you!

Here's the video in full! Enjoy!