Plus Model Almost Dies... (from having a good time)

Working for Lane Bryant is absolutely incredible. Wow Olivia, so sappy. Nah, but really they are incredible people. So needless to say, every time I head to Columbus, Ohio to work for them, I end up laughing my ass off and I leave with stories and experiences that I immediately want to share with my friends and family. Unfortunately within this first vlog of working for them, I only had my iPhone (with a cracked screen) and my laptop (I used PhotoBooth, how 2007 of me). Next time I'm there I promise I'll bring my camera and you'll be supplied with great high-quality stuff. 

This time I was extremely lucky. Not only did I get to see the Lane Bryant fam, but my friends were working as well. Usually Molly and I never get booked together because we laugh too much and then, so does the staff. So it's safe to say that this footage is rare and you should feel honored. Vlogging is still weird for me, mainly at the times when I'm recording only myself. However, I'm slowly learning to overcome that awkwardness. I think it's a good thing to take on something that at first makes you feel weird and uneasy. That's how I felt when I started modeling and I'm really proud to have overcome that because look at all of the fun I had and all of the awesome people this career has brought into my life!

Like I said previously, in upcoming videos the quality will be better, but my goal of this channel is to share with you my life! I hope you enjoy it! Like and subscribe if you do!