When I was younger, I had this tank top. It was white and in the center had two little monkeys and a tree. I remember never wearing shirts that hung tight to my body without that tank top underneath. I realize in retrospect that this special tank top boosted my confidence daily. 
Lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages saying things like, “you’re so confident" and “I wish I could be like you." While I am humbled by these messages, I want those people to know that although I am confident in who I am and how I look, that’s not me 24/7. I too struggle with issues of confidence and self-love. 

I recently spoke to a close friend about the kinds of battles that we, as young girls and also as women, grapple with (usually while getting dressed) and it inspired me.

I've come to realize that, regardless of whether our battles are internal, external, subconscious, or conscious, we can all benefit from a daily reminder to love whoever and whatever we are. The comfort that my tank top provided me was empowering every time I looked into the mirror. For this reason, I’m starting my own campaign called #OhhDoubleDareYou. My reminder is"#OhhDoubleDareYou: To Be Confident."

(Yes I OhhDoubleDared myself).

This photograph represents my battle, my story, and the confident person I want to always be. 

So I ask you, what will your daily reminder be? Ask yourself, what's a phrase that you can benefit from on a daily basis. What's your story?

When you know what it is, post a picture using the hashtag #OhhDoubleDareYou, tag me, and tell me about your reminder! I just might use your photograph and story for the merchandise on my shop!

I #OhhDoubleDareYou !!!